Where to Hide your Security Cameras

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Securing your home is one of the most important things that one can do today. A home is a very expensive investment and we all need to keep our homes as safe as possible. If you become the victim of a robbery or other crime then having residential security cameras will be very helpful in catching the culprits. The cameras are of no use though, unless you find the perfect hiding place for them. Let’s look at a few great, yet simple ways to hide our home security cameras.

Surround Sound Speakers:

Most of us will have either a surround sound system installed or have some other speakers that we use. If you have a surround sound system installed then you would have multiple speakers in different or all corners of a room or area.

Pros – These are great hiding places for security cameras. You could place cameras behind or on top of these and still have a wide coverage area.

Cons – Although this a great hiding place you would have problems in terms of wiring and hiding them. You may have to upgrade to wireless cameras. Also the cameras used here can not be the standard residential security cameras. You would need to get smaller cameras installed here.


You can make use of plants whether small potted ones or even big trees to hide your residential security cameras.  We all have flowers, flower pots or trees in and around our homes. You can place the camera in the middle of the flower or plant so it cannot be seen.

Pros – With a plant, tree or even a vine you can hide any camera. You can hide cameras both inside and outside. You can place plants anywhere in your home therefore increasing the angles you can watch.

Cons – Plants and trees may move or move there limbs therefore sometimes you may get blocked or receive a partial image.


If you have closets with shutters then you have the perfect hiding place for your residential security cameras. You may even have the closet where you want the camera to be or where you want to watch the room from.

Pros – You can easily hide the cameras inside the closet and allow the lens to capture the room through one of the partially opened shutters. This method is very hard to detect if possible and persons would most likely not expect a camera to be there.  You can also place the cameras higher or lower here to get the desired view.

Cons – There are none I can think of. Can you?

Either way these are all good and plain simple ways to hide our residential security cameras. Anyone of these ways can help in hiding the security cameras and still helping us to get the desired video footage. Try out any of these steps today and you will be able enjoy security and concealed places knowing that your home is safely protected by your hidden cameras.



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Where to Hide your Security Cameras

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This article was published on 2011/04/04