Using Trick Of Light Camera Flashes

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As one of the most useful DSLR accessories, camera flash is widely used in various areas. You can easily find a list of advantages: small size, varieties specifics, light weight, soften light, change lighting way, needless cable, etc.

After equip the flash on the camera top, the shining way is the same as camera lens. If you are shooting front portrait, there will be no shadow on the face. Generally, no matter in the front or side, there will be dark outline of body shape, which has the same effect as the strong studio light. When there is only a single light and the flash is equipped on the camera top, though there is no shadow at the front, the background may be destroyed, which will distract the attention of your entire image and beauty. To avoid these shadows, there are various ways, one of which is moving your camera flash from the top to other places.

Due to the reason of off camera, to get the corresponding flashes as the shutter, you need to access long cables or turn to B shutter. There is no length principle of the lines; even you can combine 2 or 3 lines if needed. Once you insert one end into the flash, you can start your shooting.

When you turn to B shutter, flash can be far away from camera and has the lighting function before pressing down the shutter. However, for the unique feature of B shutter, the exposure time is longer, so it must be used under dark environment. That is why it often used at night. Sometimes several flashes are needed to get the perfect lighting effect. Long exposure means long stable of body, or it may be image shaking.

Shooting the multiple images is an easy thing to lightweight camera flashes. For example, while choosing zoom lens and shooting with various focuses, you can get various sizes portrait. When it is the long focus end, turn on the flash will get a bigger size portrait; empathy, short focus will lead to smaller portrait. By doing this, users can easily get effect continuous images. Added the color filter at the front of flashes, you can get different color at every time, which is very interesting. If there is no filter, the color glass also can be a good substitute.

The small electronic flash below 100 Joule is very convenient for both indoor and outdoor.

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Photography is an art of light and shadow. Camera flashes can effectively affect both of them.

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Using Trick Of Light Camera Flashes

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Using Trick Of Light Camera Flashes

This article was published on 2013/11/14