Useful Tips for Choosing Digital Video Camera

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In the digital era, the Digital Video Camera has become the necessities in our daily life. It helps us record many important scene and issues. At present, there are many kinds of digital video camera available with different brand, but they have much in common. Most of them are equipped with color viewfinder. And the LCD, which is used to view or display the images, has the function of controlling the stabilization image and processing special effect. As the manufactures are different, when we choose it we need pay attention to the following aspects:

CCD (Charge Coupled Device)

The pixel of CCD is an important index to measure the imaging quality for the Digital Video Camera. The pixel determines the clarity, color and fluent degree of the images. However, the grade of the Digital Video Camera depends on the pixel of the CCD. And, the area of CCD is another index, if the area is too small, the image will become dim, it also impacts the color rendition of the images. Besides, the anti-shake function becomes weak because of the small anti-shake area.


As the digital camera, the lens of the digital video camera is an important factor to determine the imagine quality. To choose a piece of good quality lens, firstly, we need know about the optical zoom multiples, the larger the optical zoom multiply is, the wider the range of the scene is. It will become much more convenient when we are recording. Secondly, we should pay attention to the lens diameter. If the lens diameter is small, we can not get good images under the dark situation, even though the pixel is very high. It means, it is the bottleneck for the image formation of the Digital Video Camera.

Appearance and Volume

For most of the customer, the video camera is also an entertainment device; therefore, the appearance is very important. Another factor we need consider is the volume. We often take it with us when we are playing outdoors, which makes the small and exquisite volume become very important for the user. The most important things is that we can change the posture when we are using it because the small volume. Recently, Samsung has launched several new products; it is convenient to take along with you because of the pretty volume. And the price is very reasonable for the common consumer.

Simple Operation

For the common consumer, the simple operation is one of the necessary factors which need considering. I bought one Samsung DV last year; its special simple Q function and the easy navigation button make me master the operation easily. Besides, the simple Q function can make sure to get wonderful picture under any situations. You just need press the Q button, and then everything is settled. The simple navigation button can help you find out the common using function quickly. Of course, the other brand Digital Video Camera also has launched many products with simple operation function, such us Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.


We often like sharing the wonderful scene with our friends and family, but the incompatible memory card usually makes us feel disappoint. Last Sunday, I went to the park with my friends to celebrate the Halloween. We spent the day happily and recorded some wonder scene in my digital video camera. On Monday, I went to my office happily, and wanted to share my happiness with my colleagues. However, the memory card can not be compatible with the device of my office. I felt very sadly. Therefore, I would like to remind the customer paying attention to the type of the memory card. As far as I know, there are four specification cards in the market; they are MS, MSPRO, SD and MMC. The high compatibility makes it is possible to transfer the video and audio among different camera.

LCD (liquid Crystal Display)

For the professional photographers, they are familiar with the composition of the picture; therefore the display screen is not very important for them. However, for the common user, the display screen is necessary. In my opinion the brightness, pixels and area are the factors which need thinking about. But if the LCD is a pervious reflection-type one, you will never be afraid of the blank screen.

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Useful Tips for Choosing Digital Video Camera

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This article was published on 2010/11/05