Photography Bag is More Important than You Think

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Many photographers especially the freshmen are very casual in choosing bag. Some of them are only focusing on capacity and appearance. What they wanted is just putting all the equipments into the bag; Some of them always purchase the cheapest one; or even some take the usual bags to replace the professional one.


Different people make different choice and there is no universal one for every one. You need to find the needs of you, and then make the final deal. It is not as easy as you think. The appearance is always the first factor of choosing when people purchases. However, it won’t be a pleasure experience when your bag drops to the ground at high place.


It is a personalized gadget, so the others’ bag may not suitable for you. Also for reason of differences, have an overview of it can help you making a right choice while budget investment and fully used. Camera is another life of the photographer, so pay more attention on the bag.


Capacity. The first step is the capacity. It can be easily got from the specs. There lens one camera, or two camera four lens? Do you have other gadgets like flash, tripod? So, make a list of your usual equipment and choose a right capacity one.


Material. It can be mostly divided into two parts: wear-resistance waterproof nylon and cotton waterproof canvas. Both of them have good performance in durability and waterproofing. Nylon is smooth on surface and has a bigger temperature range while the canvas is more comfortable but a littler weightier. In indeed, the canvas doesn’t have waterproof feature itself, but by adding the layer of film, it is also a good choice.


Zipper is a detail that people always ignore. A good design will increase the convenience of using and strengthen the protective feature. For long trip photographer, the lockable zipper will be better. It can keep your camera from the thieves and the cases of throwing out. Waterproof design is very important. A good product can provide a good housing even it drops into the water for a while.


To the inner materials, the pristine ones are choosing paper, sponge, or even wooden board. But as the experiences of mine, the cotton padding is the best of them. It can effectively provide a waterproof and shockproof environment for your beloved camera.


After reading so many guides, you can now find your suitable ones in the camera bag category.

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Photography Bag is More Important than You Think

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Photography Bag is More Important than You Think

This article was published on 2013/09/23