Nikon D3100 - A Great Upgrade... Finally

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If you have been waiting for Nikon's answer to the Canon Rebel T2i, your long wait is over. The Nikon D3100 is ready to give the other entry level DSLRs a run for their money.

The D3000 has been doing pretty well because of its competitive price point, but even that has not been enough to maintain popularity. Photographers were looking for more. And Nikon has apparently delivered the goods.

Here is the rundown on the upgrade from the Nikon D3000:
* A nice sized sensor at 14.2 megapixels - thankfully, they went for quality and not quantity. There are plenty of pixels here to be able to print large, quality prints. There really in no need in an entry level digital SLR camera for any more.
* 1080p HD video - there is no video output in the D3000, and this new camera now not only has video, but it is very nice video indeed. Granted, you can only get 10 minute clips, but most DSLR owners are not using it as a camcorder anyway.
* Live view - for those who are used to seeing their image in the LCD, this will feel very natural.
* ISO range is now 100-3200 (instead of 1600)
* More in-camera retouching features, including video editing
* Price has gone up about $100 (from the original release price of the D3000). That ain't bad considering what you are getting in upgrades.

Nikon has always been known for image quality in their entire digital SLR line. This camera will not disappoint your either. Even the quality of the movie image is excellent and responds well in auto focus tracking.

Another added plus is the weight. It is quite light for a DSLR, and this has been reported as an advantage from photographers who appreciate not getting overworked with the weight of their larger models.

This camera will probably make Nikon fans very happy, and if you are looking for your very first interchangeable lens camera, this one deserves strong consideration. I looks like it might even be the "D40" of a few years back.
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Nikon D3100 - A Great Upgrade... Finally

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This article was published on 2010/11/10