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There are different and innovative ways a micro camera can be used for example the micro DVR spy camera that is no bigger than a thumb complete sound activated recording. It can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand and used to discreetly record a conversation without raising suspicion. Not long ago people associated the use of micro camera only by spies or detectives in movies. But now with their easy availability and simple method of usage anyone can use them.

A pinhole spy camera is another type of micro camera that can be installed in all sorts of ingenious places like in a cigarette packet, purse, drawer or any place where it won't be noticed. Lots of people may be intimidated by the presence of cameras in huge corporations and though these days it has become mandatory for security reasons but if you want to interview a new person and do not want to scare them off with the first interview itself you can use a spy pen with a micro camera attached which can record for about 3 hours of XVGA video with audio. The car security systems find great use for micro camera because it ensures your car is fully protected against vandalism and also can provide evidence if required especially during insurance claim. Taxi drivers and taxi firms find usage of micro camera as it enables them to capture video or images of either road situations outside the vehicle or even passengers inside the vehicle.

This is great device that can be used for insurances purposes or can be used as evidence against aggressive passengers to the police. The use of micro camera in the military is of course undisputed and the army finds a whole lot usage of the micro camera than ordinary people. Another ingenious way of using a micro camera is to use it hidden inside a car key which looks like a real car alarm activator but inside there is high resolution color micro camera and digital video recorder with audio sound. It is so simple to uses just a car key activator you just have to push a button to activate it and the micro camera can covertly record up to an hour before you need to recharge the battery. If you are looking for looking for a car keychain micro camera you will find the best option at dinodirect.com/Micro-Camera-Car-Key-4GB-HQ909.html. This stylish keychain makes it easy to carry and with its super bright LED light it can also be used for emergency illumination.


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Micro camera

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This article was published on 2011/06/22