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ip camera wireless is used differently than a wireless camera and has different capabilities. The letters IP represent internet protocol. Representing the signal is transmitted over the internet with a certain protocol. An IP optical device transmits to a router or is connected to the internet by an ethernet cable connection. This creates the ability to capture a specific area and view the area at a distant place. Differently than awireless camera that is used with in the home to create a system that is portable in nature and viewed on various monitors including the television.

The transmission frequency of a wireless IP camera is 802.11GHZ. The signal is transmitted to a router or connected to the internet by an ethernet cable. The IP connection is often referred to as a WIFI connection. A highersignal transmission speed creates a high quality video. A wireless camera transmits to a receiver within a specified distance usually 300 feet and transmits its signal commonly at 2.4GHZ or 5.8GHZ. Many home appliances such as microwaves and land line telephones transmit at these lower frequencies creating occasional interference.

Any portable monitoring system within a home or business will most likely be a wireless transmission to a receiver. This type of system is commonly used to monitor an elderly person, an infant or possibly a pet. An IPcamera is used for the same purpose but in a different manner. The difference is the monitor will most likely be a computer screen rather than a monitor within a certain distance of thecamera. The IP camera works very well to keep an eye on the activities of a specific area of the home while away. The IP and wireless camera are used to monitor an activity you would like to view at a latter time, the laptop computer is frequently used as the monitor along with a cell phone. It is possible to set up thewireless IP camera at the office or workplace then view activities of its recording on a laptop or desktop in the comfort of your own home or any place your laptop or 3 or 4 G cell phone receives an internetsignal. An IP camera and a plug in wireless camera have equal portability. Some wireless cameras are available with batteries creating greater portability.

The cost of a Wireless IP varies depending upon the amenities of the camera. Naturally the more amenities the greater the cost. Wireless IP optical devices are available with many functions and features to provide for the customers internet surveillance requirements. Wireless cameras provide inexpensive surveillance within the home or business with portability. Wireless systems can be purchased for less than half the cost of a wireless IP camera.

IP camera wireless optical device accomplishes surveillance of a specific area then is viewed with a computer when the proper software is installed or by a 3or 4G cell with internet access.

A wireless IP camera system uses technology to communicate live video through the internet. It uses your camera that is recording in real time to deliver a signal over the internet to your email so that you can see what is occurring wherever the camera is. This is camera surveillance at its best and at its simplest. IP camera wireless are digital cameras that come with a web server built in and can be used indoors or outdoors, daytime or night time, for personal or business use. As the owner all you are required to do is to plug thecamera into an internet connection and live video is then visible to anybody who uses the IP address of the camera. This makes camera surveillance not only reasonable but easy. You will not incur the cost of paying someone to permanently watch a monitor screen instead the wireless IP camera allows you to record and view your home or business with the click of the mouse from any location in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

The connection for the IP camera wireless can be connected online with the use of any wireless router, dependent upon your signal the camera can sit any distance, and it is a lot more difficult for an intruder to destroy any cables that would be present during a traditionalcamera surveillance system. The Wireless system is an excellent choice when choosing camera surveillance. It has all the makings of traditional camera surveillance such as full tilt, pan and zoom operation that is remotely controllable; IR heat detection, can work with alarm systems, and motion detectors. TheWireless IP camera system can be used in areas where there is an electrical connection, but is not closely or conveniently located near an internet connection.

When you think of video surveillance you probably think of expensive but the wireless IP system is inexpensive because of the simplicity connected with its use. You have the option of using battery cameras as they can even dispense with the electrical connection. You can use more than onecamera just like you can with traditional camera surveillance systems. Using more than one camera adds extra protection so even if an intruder finds and possibly disables one camera the second camera would record this and send out an alarm

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IP Camera Wireless

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