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The use of security cameras has become quite common these days. From big shopping establishments to small offices and households, the cameras are used everywhere. The most obvious benefit of using a security camera is that it helps in preventing theft and any illegal activity. This is the reason that outdoor security cameras are used in many public places. Sometimes, even the fake cameras are used to deter people from indulging in any wrongful activity.

The advancements in technology have greatly contributed to the popularity of the outdoor cameras. Today, it’s possible to receive the acquired images on your cell phone instantly. This has been made possible by the cellular technology that allows the transmission of pictures to phones. Eyetrax.net is one of the online portals that serve as a one-stop-shop for all cellular camera requirements of people. Apart from the wireless surveillance cameras, the portal provides an access to other cameras that are used for a variety of purposes. Construction cameras, Hunter cameras, Wildlife cameras and Parking lot security cameras are some of the other types of cameras that can be purchased from the website. All these cameras serve a different purpose and have been engineered to meet the requirements of different set of people. While the construction cameras are a useful security tool for the construction companies, wildlife cameras appeal to the nature enthusiasts and wildlife professionals.

Designed to withstand the extreme weather, the outdoor security cameras have protective casing. This ensures that the camera continues to function efficiently and the quality is not compromised in any way. The acquired pictures are transmitted wirelessly through the cellular network and are delivered to your cellphone or email almost instantly. Eye Trax claims all the pictures are delivered within 30 seconds. That makes it possible for the users to keep a close watch on the places they are concerned about and take immediate action in case of any untoward incident.

The wireless cameras are fast gaining popularity and are the preferred choice of most households and business owners. The ease with which they can be used has made them very popular in the market. Apart from allowing people to do away with the hassles of setting up wires and cables, they can also be easily relocated at some different place in case the need arises. They can also be used discreetly and can be installed at those places where it is difficult to install a wired security camera.

The list of all kinds of cameras can be viewed at eyetrax.net. In addition to phone and email, the acquired images are delivered at the online Eye Trax portal. Called the User Interface, the portal allow the users the control the picture acquisition settings and make required changes.

The cellular security cameras have made it easier for you to keep an eye on your home and business, even when you are away. And the wireless cameras are fast proving to be a boon for all those who disliked the idea of installing the wires. 

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Eye Trax is a Wireless Cellular Camera that utilizes the cellular network to transmit acquired pictures which are delivered to your Cellular Phone, Email and custom Web Based portal.

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Eyetrax.net: Helping You Overcome All Safety Related Worries in a Hassle-Free Way!

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Eyetrax.net: Helping You Overcome All Safety Related Worries in a Hassle-Free Way!

This article was published on 2011/12/27