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If you are setting up a CCTV system for your home then there are lots of different cameras with lots of different features to choose from. If you are getting a digital CCTV camera in particular this will allow you to benefit from many more features as the digital footage can be analysed and manipulated by on-board computers. With so much to choose from it can be hard to know what you need for your own CCTV surveillance. Here we will look at some of the options available for your security camera with a brief description so you can look into security it for your own CCTV system should you decide you could benefit from it.

IP CCTV: IP CCTV stands for 'Internet Protocol' and this means that it uses a wireless connection rather than cables. This has many great advantages for anyone using it the first of which being that it doesn't require any cables to be installed in your walls or ceiling space in order for you to use it. This then first of all massively frees up the amount of places you can install your security camera as it's not restricted by where you can get wires to reach. At the same time it also means that you can move them easily yourself without having to make new holes in the wall and get plaster everywhere. This then allows you to adapt to the situation and to ensure you get maximum coverage of your property.
At the same time though, the fact that you are using IP will mean that you can transmit the information across a wireless network and then pick it up from afar. This then means that you can keep an eye on your property or business when you aren't local which can put your mind at rest on a holiday and help prevent break ins during this time.

High Definition: High Def means of course that the image will be crisper and this will be indicated in the 'DPI' or 'megapixels' indicated on the security camera. Of course the higher the definition the better the clarity of the image will be and the easier it will be to identify people within your building. Also worth considering though is file size which is larger with high definition video meaning that you require higher bandwidth if you are using IP. At the same time you also need a high framerate in order to capture the action in detail and so that movements are not blurred. The best security camera then is one that has a very high maximum definition and a very high maximum framerate, but one that allows you to adjust each.

VoIP: VoIP means 'Voice Internet Protocol' and basically means that you can transmit sound as well as imagery across your internet connection. This is very useful for many reasons first of all allowing you to hear what is going on on the other end of the connection, and also also allowing you to speak through the camera to ward off intruders or to check with staff that everything is running smoothly.
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There are lots of possible features for your security camera. To benefit from these follow the links for CCTV Surveillance.

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Digital Cctv Features

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This article was published on 2011/01/29