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There is some confusion when it comes to what a camera harness is. Many people make the mistake of assuming that it is simply a single strap that hangs around the neck and attaches to the device in front of your stomach. This is not true.

A camera harness is actually a unique new system for carrying heavy cameras. A quality strapping system will also be able to be used for binoculars as well. The entire point of the harness is to evenly distribute the weight of your camera or binoculars on your shoulders. It does so by strapping over each shoulder and under each arm. The device would hang in front of your chest.

It is best to have your device hanging right in front of your chest to ensure easy access and quick use. This will also ensure that it is not swinging all over the place as you move around. Any good photographer knows that they will be moving here and there as they work. A camera harness will free up your hands and give you a sense of security as you search for the best angles.

Any quality strapping system should be adjustable. You will probably know if the camera harness is adjustable if the place that you buy it from doesn't have different sizes. It is not good to get a particular size because you never know how it will fit. It needs to be flexible and preferably able to fit anyone in your family.

Another great thing about the camera harness is that it allows enough room to shoot pictures at booth horizontal and vertical positions. This feature makes a strapping system incredibly useful. The last thing you want is restrictions on your creativity. Luckily for you, a one of these devices will not restrict your picture taking ability.

Look for a strapping system that is universal to fit all different types of brands. If it fits brands for both cameras and binoculars that will tell you that the camera harness is made with the customer in mind. And what else can you ask from it, after all?

Lastly, make sure you are investing in your equipment. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can throw together a few pieces of string and come up with what they think is quality. It is best not to gamble. After all, an equipment strapping system is an insurance policy. So ensure the security of your camera and get a real camera harness that is guaranteed to work well and last.

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Camera Harness

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This article was published on 2010/03/27